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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy". It is a nonintrusive method of hands-on healing that taps into the energy referred to by philosophers and martial artists as "Ki", (in Japan), as "Chi" (in China), and "Prana" (in India). The practice of Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who taught and practiced Reiki in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Research into the source of Usui's work points to an ancient Buddist sutras and teachings, as well as his own meditation practice. Usui put his inspiration to good use...over the next century, Reiki spread throughout Japan, and then the world!

The Benefits of Reiki, including, but certainly not limited to:

Scientific research has validated Reiki’s ability to relieve pain and speed healing.

Reiki also:

• Calms, relaxes and reduces stress

• Decreases drug side effects

• Decreases anxiety

• Improves sleep

• Removes blocks to healing

• Helps maintain/raise your energy level

• Decreases symptoms, e.g., of cramps, colds, headaches, PMS, sore throat and other discomforts

• Adapts to whatever you need the most

• Improves immune system

• Complements other healing modalites

• Accelerates physical healing

Reiki is not used as a substitute for medical treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or suggest treatment. You should continue to see your medical caregiver.

What can I expect during a Reiki session?

Come to a Reiki session in loose, comfortable clothing. You will lie on a massage table, fully clothed. The technique is adaptable, so you can receive Reiki in almost any setting, a chair, hospital bed, through casts and bandages, and in any state of health. Little or no pressure will be applied and no oils will be used with Reiki. Still and focused, I will simply place my hands on or above your head, shoulders, back, chest, stomache and limbs. The teachings say, that the energy, or Reiki, will flow through me, not from me to you. You will receive the amount of energy you need to bring your mind and body into balance. If you observe a Reiki session, it might not be apparent that anything is occuring. But when you experience Reiki, you will know otherwise. While the effects vary from individual, most people experience a deep relaxation. You may perceive a tingling, or pulsing sensation, or a feeling of warmth and comfort- or you may even fall asleep. All of which is normal. Results are sometimes subtle. Some recipients say they feel little during a session, but afterwards enjoy a sense of calm and well-being and a deep restful sleep. It is possible that you'll experience powerful sensations, or emotions during or after the session.