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Services, Pricing Schedule, and making an appointment

Call Natalie Benoit directly for an appointment: (414)651-2243, or email: benoithealing@aol.com


Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm in person, or phone consultation

Services, and pricing schedule:

  • Reiki Session (1 hour) $85.00
  • BioMat Session (1 hour) $85.00
  • Reiki & BioMat (1 hour) $125.00
  • Holistic Nutrition Consult ( 1 hour) $125.00
  • Intuitive Health Consult (1 hour) $125
  • Life and/or Spiritual Coaching (1 hour) $125.00
  • Disease/Symptom Reversal Coaching (1 1/2 hours) $200.00
  • Disease/Symptom Reversal Coaching with Reiki ( 2 hours) $250.00
  • Cancer Reversal Coaching (2 hours) $400.00
  • Cancer Reversal Coaching with Reiki ( 2 1/2 hours) $450.00
  • Emotional Freedom Technique session ( 1 hour) $85.00
  • Acute Symptom Consult $50.00 via phone, $85.00 in person

Reiki and/or biomat appointments, are limited to the healing energy session. Questions in regards to symptoms, or health will require a separate appointment.

Add-on services:

Personalized Flower Essence Blend: $25

Reflexology, hand or foot: $25

Ear candling: $25

Accupressure ear seeds: $25

Appointments either in person at Inspiration Wellness Group, 6420A S. Howell Ave. Oak Creek, WI 53154 or via phone consult, or Facetime.

BioMat sessions are only available at Inspiration Wellness Group. Phone consults, to be paid in advance of consult.

Disease Reversal, and Cancer Reversal appointments, are comprehensive, and include evidence based therapies, and suggestions that have worked for others, and includes healing tools to last a lifetime!

Call Natalie directly to book your appoinment today! (414) 651-2243

Accepting all forms of payment, cash (in person) check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Also offering quick and easy payment with a debit card: Cash.me/$NatalieBenoit

To pay for your appointment with a credit card, choose amount in the drop-down window below, and follow PayPal instructions. Thank you!

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