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Holistic Wellness Coach~ Reiki Master Teacher

Natalie Benoit

Received Reiki Master Teacher certification February 1, 2009 from Arline Rowden of Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC. Please see her website @ http://reikiwisconsin.com.

Practicing Reiki healing sessions, and natural health, wellness, consulting since 2000. Teaching Reiki 1, 2, Master, and Master Teacher classes and attunements. Offering classes, workshops, lectures, seminars, on everything health, healing, wellness, natural remedies, disease prevention and reversal. Specializing in women and children. Specializing in teaching how to heal disease, with functional medicine techniques.

Natalie studied Naturopathy at Clayton College of Natural Health; with an emphasis on holistic nutrition, immunity, herbal remedies, and flower essences. Natalie has a passion for natural modalities, that help the body heal itself! In addition to her academic classes, she has researched thousands of hours, with insatiable appetite for knowledge in the areas of health, healing, nutrition, functional medicine, alternative medicine, natural remedies, disease prevention AND REVERSAL!

Natalie has taught many individuals and families to empower THEM, to reverse/heal their own illnesses! Diseases/conditions such as eczema, asthma, ear infections, ADD, ADHD, GERD, sinusitis, arthritis, diabetes, Lymes, MS, and even CANCER can be reversed/healed. Profound changes in health can happen with gentle, non invasive healing modalities, such as Reiki, chiropractic, breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique, and yoga. Profound changes WILL happend with the POWER of nutrition, supplements and herbals!

The body DOES know how to heal itself, if you give it what it needs- balance! With an alkaline pH, disease CANNOT exist! Remove what is harming the body, and give the body what it needs! Food IS medicine.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy, us, the food we eat, everything around us. Reiki energy just makes sense as a healing modality, as it balances energy!
As Dr. Oz stated on the Oprah show, "energy medicine is the medicine of the future". He specifically mentioned Reiki!


Whether this is just the beginning of your healing journey, or you have been looking for sometime, you have found the right coach...I have so much to offer, where mind, body and spirit can be nourished. I am here to help you with all that I know to be true, from my own, my daughter's, mother's, friend's, family member's, and client's healing journeys.

Health is a God given right, and it takes much to become out of balance, and careful consideration to find homoeostasis. Balance begins here.

Blessings on your journey to wellness, or your continued wellness. Either way, I would love to be of service!

Yours in health,

Natalie Benoit